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Welcome to Feral Feeders Hawaii
It usually starts with a stray cat longingly looking into your eyes. You toss a few scraps from your lunch to her and you feel a glow inside as she gobbles it up.  The next day she's there again and you notice she's brought a friend. So, they get a little more of your lunch. As you peer into their soul you realize that you can't turn your back.  You begin buying cat food by the bag and before you know it you are feeding a colony of feral cats. Then it dawns upon you that they need water too. You begin packing your supplies of good quality cat food, fresh water and maybe a few cat treats into you car daily for your new life as a 'Feral Cat Feeder'.

You then start realizing the number of cats is growing so you begin researching population control amongst ferals and you learn about TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Return and Manage). An excellent program where the feral cat feeders Trap their cats' take them to be 'fixed' (spayed or Neutered), Return them to their colony and Manage their care. The feeders usually pay for the surgery and they have their cats micro chipped to themselves in case they are turned into the Humane Society.

Feral cat feeders are modern day heroes. They feed their colonies 365 days a year, rain or shine. They pay for the food and supplies out of their own pockets, sometimes hundreds of dollars a month, not including gas!

They NEED help!!!!Some are maxed out on their credit cards and always deprive themselves before they'd cut back on feeding the cats! Won't you take a minute to go through our web site and consider 'adopting' a feral cat feeder? We know not everyone is able to do the arduous labor involved in feeding. We also know that there are many, many good hearted people who want to do something to help. Perhaps one of the feeders is in your neighborhood and you've seen them out there with the cats in the pouring rain and you just wish you could help. Well, you CAN! Contact them directly from their web page or send a check to us designated to a specific feeder. If you'd like to help ALL the cats just send your donation to us and we will divide it equally among all the feeders.  If you'd rather donate nutritiously complete cat food that's GREAT!!!! Give us a call and we'll come pick it up!!!

Ours is a web site solely for the feeders. We don't have a shelter, or an adoption process. There are a few REALLY great non profits in Hawaii that do those noble tasks. We focus on those little angels who have lived their precious lives in the streets, scraping trash cans for food and living as best they can day to day. Don't get us wrong, when we see a feral cat who needs medical help we get them the help they need!

So many times we see cats who have obviously been dumped into the street by their 'family'. They are usually a lot bigger and much more scared than the ferals. They find themselves living in the street after having been a house cat. You can see the fear in their eyes, wondering why their 'owners' don't love them anymore. When we see these cats we do EVERYTHING we can to find out who the former owner is (sometimes they are just lost). After that we try very hard to find them a home. Usually by getting advice from some of the fine cat non profits.

Here is our wish list.  Can you please help?

Nutritious cat food  (Some feeders go through 100-200 16 pound bags a week!!!!
Money for Vet visits, Spay/Neuter surgery, Flea Medication
plastic containers for food and water (bento kine)
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